THE BELLINI UNVEILING brings together all of the creations of Bellini; the gift of the Brush (paintings) + the Superb Operatic voice + Poetry + Film (the story behind the paintings) in a classical setting and syndicated for Television, an event unlike any other.

Time & Location

Time is TBD

About The Event

Bellini's master creations take painstakingly years to complete one painting at a time. Bellini has mastered the application of the glazing techniques and pigmentation and taken it to a new level, never seen before which made it virtually impossible to reproduce the work due to the hundreds of layers and glazes, each sealed before the next is applied. The genius of Bellini however developed the formula after decades of experimentation to recreate the original onto another canvas, as none of the other mediums could reproduce a Bellini, a rare feat.

Bellini's superb operatic voice was heard in concert halls with a professional debut at the tender age of 17.

His poetry is moving and the impetus behind the paintings.

Bellini is a artistic genius and a modern day renaissance man.

THE BELLINI UNVEILING is the official event bringing together all the gifts of Bellini envisioned entirely by the master - the extraordinary paintings, the superb operatic voice, poetry and film, in a classical setting and among who's who, syndicated for television, an event unlike any other - 50 years of work coming together, an event unlike any other.

Bellini's work has never been in the public view but in the hands of private collectors and royalties in Europe and North America.