Bellini - Peasant Girl - Poetic Moment™

Poetic Moment™ - Peasant Girl


Poetic Moment™ Series are a collection of exceptional Bellini masterpieces. These paintings are the re-creation of the master paintings which take up to 5 years for each single piece. Each piece has the same pigments and glazes, that had been impossible to reproduce until Bellini developed his own process to re-create the work, namely the Poetic Moment™. 


Each collector joins the innner circle with advance insights into much more to come from Bellini's extra-ordinary vision and undertaking including the unveiling encompassing music, paintings, poetry and film an event set is a classical setting, syndicated for television audience, in an invitation only event of who's who.


Each collector also gets a digital album of Bellini's classical music, please visit our music store on this portal to hear the exceptional tenor voice of the master.




    24"H x 18"W on canvas. Comes unframed. For framed masterpiece, please inquire for pricing, subject to scheduling availability and additional charges including framing, insurance, shipping and handling. 


    Each piece will be signed. Giovanni Fine Arts Trust and its entities is the exclusive authorized representatives of Bellini creations. 


    Please allow up to 10 days for shipping for unframed pieces. Framed pieces will take longer. We'll require personal consultation to create the ideal customized frame, under the direction of the artist*.


    *for a limited time. 


    No refunds. All shipments are insured.


    Domestic U.S. and International shipping by major carriers, framed pieces by art delivery carriers.